About Dash Z Racing

Dash Z was founded in 2005 to battle the evil forces of shitty ass companies. In a world populated by corporate zombies Dash Z was created to provide a universally accessible alternative. Every member of Dash Z’s staff is in their 20’s. We don’t just work for Dash Z we live it and understand how hard it is to earn an honest buck.

Dash Z has been through just having one computer working out of our parents house, storing auto parts in our parents house, carrying orders in trash bags to drop off at the post office before going to our paying jobs, no money to pay for rent, being robbed by guys in black ski masks, sharing a office with toilet bowl company, and tons of people laughing at us.

Despite everything we were up against, we had unbelievable support from our customers. You were patient when we screwed up, we are eternally grateful. We will continue to work for YOU!


Address: 5300 Irwindale Ave, Irwindale, CA 91706, USA
Email: dashzracing@gmail.com
Phone: 1.877.641.4829
Business Hour: 10am – 5pm Pacific Time Monday to Friday

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