Yamaha V-max Virago V-Star 3.5" Handlebar Risers

Yamaha V-max Virago V-Star 3.5" Handlebar Risers
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This is a pair of 3.5" Handlebar Risers - Chrome for Yamaha Cruisers with 7/8" bar diameter. This 3.5" Handlebar Risers shaped like the base of your handlebar mount, they will raise the handlebars upward and back (due to the fork angle), still leaving the motorcycle with a very stock look. Our risers are made to raise your handlebars the maximum your motorcycle will allow.Most riders will have to sit on the bike to notice that there is something different. But it is just more comfortable. Rising the bars would make the different in the weight on your hands. Get these handlebar risers today and raise your handlebar with a spacer design, which still retain the stock angle. This is very important maintaining even weight distribution across your hands during braking and turning.Size:Hole Diameter: 7/8" Width: 1.25" Total Height: 5" Height from bottom to center of hole: 3.5" Pull Back: 1.5" Bottom Thread Mount: 1/2" Coarse x 13 (13 threads/inch) Bolt

Fitment: Yamaha Cruisers with 7/8" Bar Diameter

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