Universal Music Control 12 Functions Flashing Hi-Power LED Neon Kit - White

Universal Music Control 12 Functions Flashing Hi-Power LED Neon Kit - White
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Product Features:

1. Adopt to high-quality high brightness made of Hi-Power LED, which produces 3 time brighter output than ordinary LED.
2. 36 cm long which works perfectly as under car kit, you can also install these light bar inside the grille, below the front of rear bumper or interior of your car.
3. Configure the remote control with on/off and mode switching function ( 12 kinds of flashing mode can be automatically selected in one cycle, or mode, see below video DEMO for more information)
4. With sound-control features (voice-activated control sensors placed inside the box).  You can enter the voice-activated mode and let the light flash with your speaker!
5. Comes Control Circuit with programmed chip, which gives stable and reliable performance.
6. Waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion.
7. Installation is simple and straightforward.

Installation Method:

1. Locate a suitable location for the LED light bar.  Avoid areas with high temperature.
2. Install the control box at a suitable location, and make sure the wire can reach any power source or the battery.
3. Connect the red wire to power and black wire to ground.
4. Test with a remote control on/off and flashing pattern in normal.

Remote Operation

1. Press A: On/Off Button.  Default mode is flashing cycle of 12 different flash modes.  Press B to select the flashing mode.
2. Press B: Short Click B to switch between different flashing mode; Hold Button B for 2 seconds to enter the voice control mode.


Turn on your speaker and see how Voice Control Mode Works
Different Flash Mode DEMO

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