Universal Audi Style LED Daytime Running Lights - 9 LED

Universal Audi Style LED Daytime Running Lights - 9 LED
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This is a pair of LED daytime running lights universal fit all cars. These daytime running lights are with Audi style ultra slim design (1.32" width, 11.82" length, 1.32" height) and are a perfect add-on below your front bumper, inside your grille or at a wide variety of other locations. These daytime driving lights produce a LED strip similar to latest European car style. These daytime running lights come with 9 7000K pure white LEDs on each light. Because you have to wire up these DRL yourself, you can use these DRL as backup lights, daytime lights, parking lights, fog lights, or even signal lights.

Installation for these LED daytime running lights:

1. Locate an area along the side of the vehicle to mount the LED lights.
2. Clean and prep the area. Make sure it is free of dirt, oil and water.
3. Once area is clean, apply 3-M tape to that area and stick the LED's in the desired location or fix screws.
4. When running the wires you want to make sure they are tucked up and out of the way so the wires will not drag on the ground as you drive.
5. Run the wires up into the engine bay area and locate the power wires for the parking lights. Use a basic 12-volts test light to identify what wires are the running light wires.
6. Hook the white wire to the positive [+] parking light wire and the black wire to a good metal ground free of paint.
7. Now turn on the parking lights and check of proper functions. If it does not turn on, check your ground and power connections.
8. Make sure to check for any loose wire and make sure the wires will not interfere with and moving or mechanical parts on the vehicle.

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